Saturday, August 10, 2013

Anthropomorphic Kitties

This week's SCS Inspiration Challenge is inspired by the the fabulous designs from the NYC Store of Michele Varian. I needed an ATC for a Pick a Theme swap with a "Cat" theme. I love the collection of wall art featured in Michele's catalog depicting anthropomorphic animals. I used a piece of gift wrap that depicted a vintage scene of three children in a carriage. I collaged the kitten heads from the design on the back of a deck of playing cards onto the spot where the children's heads should be. My inspiration can be found here:

Have a great weekend---------Paulette


  1. Oh this is rich! Love those kitties!

  2. These kittens are fabulous. I love anthropomorphic animals and these are very elegant and refined :) Beautiful atc with the gorgeous gold trim. Whoever receives this is lucky!


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