Monday, May 6, 2013

My Awesome Weekend at the Sayner Stampede

The 16th Annual Sayner Stampede was held in Sayner, WI this past weekend.  It was my 4th time attending and a great opportunity to meet-up with my peeps from Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls (Denise, Deb, LuAnn and Julie) for a fun-filled weekend of stamping, shopping, eating, drinking, laughing and sharing.  My BFF Sandi drove up with me from Sun Prairie.

The weekend started on Friday with a lunch at Noodles in Wausau.  Then a bit of shopping at the Wausau JoAnn's, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  On to St. Germaine to check-in to our motel and to pre-shop any of the stuff we brought for the used stamp sale.  Then to Sayner to drop off our stamps and stuff for the sale.  Dinner was at the local Sayner pub.  A night at the motel included  catching up, crafting and sharing.

Saturday it was off to the Used Stamp Sale followed by a trip down the road to the stamp convention.  The Mark-It Place, the local stamp store, is going out of business.  So we spent a bit of time and $s there too.  Then on to Minoqua for lunch at the Thirsty Whale.  Back to Sayner for another trip through the used stamp sale since by now the "feeding frenzy" was over and there was more room to breathe and shop the stuff we missed on our early morning shop.  Then it was back to the motel where we spread out our loot on the beds and oohed & aahed over each other's purchases.  Then at 4PM we headed back to Sayner to pick up any money we earned from selling our stamps.  Back at the hotel we took a power-nap or started playing with all our new purchases.  Snacking and drinking ensued and later in the evening we headed to the restaurant across the street for dinner.  Followed by more crafting.

Sunday AM it was breakfast at the hotel, we packed up and headed home after one more stop for lunch in Wausau.
This is the big room at the start  of the used stamp sale.  The stamps and craft supplies are piled 3-5 levels high.  There are also items all along the perimeter of the room.  This view shows 2 of the 3 long rows of tables.

Another view of the main room showing the 3rd row of tables.

This is the same room 1 hour before the end of the sale.

Another room of stamping goodies.  This photo was taken 1 hour before the end of the sale.


  1. I love it when you get to spread the loot across the bed for show and tell. hee hee
    An entire weekend devoted to eating and shopping is the best.
    Eat, shop, power nap - the perfect sloth! LOL

    Enjoyed your report. I wish I could've been there. sigh....


  2. It sounds like a lovely time. I wish I'd been with you to help you make decisions :) I'm only thinking of you of course...not me, at all.(LOL)


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