Saturday, May 18, 2013

Candy-Gram for Royce's Graduation

My grandson, Royce, graduates from Fenton High tomorrow.  Fenton's school colors are orange & blue.  I made him this candy-gram.  It reads:  You took on the SMARTIES, the AIRHEADS, & the NERDS to SKOR a diploma. This is nothing to SNICKER(S) about.  Soon you will have a PAYCHECK of ZERO to 100 GRAND.  Don't be a BUTTERFINGER or play TWIX.  Your future is GOOD & PLENTY.  Enjoy the SIMPLE PLEASURES.  You can be FAMOUS (AMOS), go shopping to New YORK, become a STAR(BURST), climb the ANDES or even ORBIT the MILKWAY.  It's all UP2U.  Love you always, Parknslide Gramma. 


  1. Awww, this is so fun. Only you would think of this.I bet he'll love it. I hope he has a fabulous graduation!

  2. So clever!!! I'm going to send a link of this to Brad (you met her at Stampaway). She'll really appreciate this one!

  3. Paulette you have outdone yourself. How you ever came up with this idea is beyond me. Your mind must be moving in blurring circles. I bet Royce will love his card.


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