Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fortune Cookie ATCs

I in a Fortune Cookie ATC swap with my Meerkat friends.  The only criteria was to use an actual fortune from a Chinese fortune cookie as the theme and as part of the design.

As we commemorate the anniversary of 9/11, my wish for you all is Good Fortune!  Paulette Akagi


  1. I like these-you had much more interesting fortunes than I!~

  2. Paulette, as always, these are fantastic! I especially like Rendevous!

  3. Wonderful, wonderful! Hotel keys and fortune tellers - terrific stuff. My fav is the first one - those dots, the lap flowers, the background - fabu, dahling!

  4. Paulette, these are amazing. The vintage images are perfect for the fortunes but it's the embellies that steal the show. You are so creative!


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