Thursday, October 10, 2013

"P" is for Puppy

This week's "Way to Use It" challenge is to take the first letter of our username (mine is Parknslide) and make a card using a theme, sentiment, words , or color that begin with that letter.

Parknslide comes from my grandchildren who nicknamed me Park-and-Slide Gramma because I was the one who took them to the playground every day.

The "P's" here include: puppy, pink, Prima Doll, pinafore, and paper piecing.

This card was made for PAT 27. The theme is the colors: white, silver and pink.

Have a great day!........................Paulette


  1. That bit of lace is just a killer!

  2. You have the best vision - this card is adorable and beautifully created!

  3. Oh, this made my heart happy, Paulette. I'm happy to see that Scamp is making an appearance in your carftroom! Your girlie is so cute and I love her lace peeking out! Cute card and I loved reading how you got your name!


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