Saturday, November 3, 2012

Big Bird's Backup Plan

If you have been following the presidential debates, then you know that Big Bird is in fear of losing his job.  As a result, he's put in place a backup plan.  He's going to pose as a Thanksgiving turkey.

Here's a card depicting a prototype of Big Bird's makeover.  I used a rosette die to fashion the fan tail, a circle punch for the head, a tiny oak leaf punch for the waddle and head tufts.  I free cut the beak and legs.  "Thanks!" is a Stamp N Plus stamp.  It comes on a sheet of greeting stamps.  To order call LuAnn at
715-271-1873.  I used "Fizzy" Chalk-Au-Lot as an accent to the sentiment banner edges and to highlight the edges of the circle punch.  Yellow & white baker's twine, some red flower table confetti (Michaels wedding dept.),  gold rhinestones and googlie eyes complete the design.

For more cards using a Thank You/Thanksgiving theme and Stamp N Plus' line of powdered chalks, please stop by the Chalk-Ah-Lot Cafe blog.

And no matter who wins on Tuesday, rest assured that Big Bird is working on some alternate gigs.  Happy Voting!  Paulette Akagi


  1. He's a cutie! Wonder if Big Bird knows what happens to Thanksgiving turkeys. He might want to consider a different line of work. Great card design. Love the googly eyes and those pretty flowers.

  2. What a wonderful colorful card!!!

  3. It's always nice to cross train-but the outcome for Big Bird as a turkey might be the same as having ROmney for pres.


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